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AI powered valuations for residential real estate

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For Lenders

Value your residential assets throughout the mortgage journey

  • Sales

    New lead generation and qualification

  • Credit

    Re-valuation and fraud detection

  • Risk

    CRR and NPL alignment

For Investors

Value residential assets at acquisition and hold-or-sell decisions

  • Acquisition

    Assess new business opportunities

  • Risk

    Leverage data to assess risk

  • Trends

    Analyse trends and insights

Automated Valuation Model

Our AVM models are constantly monitored and improved in order to be aligned with the highest market standards. We are a valuation market leader in the Irish and British market. We’re proud that our technology is already used and trusted by Industry leaders.

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Property Valuation

We provide instant home valuations via our proprietary automated valuation model. Our unequaled datasets, leveraged by powerful algorithms and machine learning guarantee the most accurate results.

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Area Valuation

We deliver a unique and reliable overview of the neighborhood. Schools, transport, population, crime rates, you’re covered with the most comprehensive analysis you can find in the market.

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Enriched dataset

Our dataset includes millions of data points analyzed and refreshed everyday. We’ve built our own ETL pipeline able to clean and process data to be ingested and processed by our supervised machine learning algorithms.